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Arthur Dilthey takes it’s rise from an old textile-family living in the most western part of Germany, called “Niederrhein”. The first factory for textile production opened in Mönchengladbach- Rheydt already in the year 1804.

AD Historie

Even now the whole native industry is characterized by textile in this area. Until today Arthur Dilthey concentrates its efforts on cotton qualities, especially on corduroy. Finishing of the goods is done by contract mills.

For a long period Arthur Dilthey was able to get and to keep a leading position in the production of corduroys in Germany. Today more than 60% of its sales will be made abroad. Long term relation-and partnerships with important customers of the clothing-, shoe- and upholstery-industry as well as the trade are significant for Arthur Dilthey. This is based on a reliable and conscientious handling of all orders that guarantees the keeping of contracts.

The current owner, Hans Giesen, who joined the company for the last 50 years, has every confidence in the old family tradition which is able to prove also in the strongest competition.

His son is also working for the company for more than 25 years.

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We are represented in the following countries:
Benelux countries: the Netherlands, Belgium, France,
Scandinavia: Sweden, Norway, Finland
Spain, Italy,
Croatia, Slovenia, Hungary, Czech Republic,
Austria, Switzerland, Poland