About us

Dilthey is manufacturer of high-quality cotton fabric of all kinds and it has always been since 1804. Our maxim is quality and innovation. From Moenchengladbach, we supply our products to industry and commerce. Supported by our suppliers in Europe, we are flexible without long shipping routes from overseas.

Our range includes fabrics for the clothing production of ladies’ and men’s clothing. These include high-quality corduroy and velvet in various colors and patterns; but also to decorative fabrics for curtains or other purposes.

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Our service

Custom colors
Every material we can optional supply in your favorite color . Minimum order quantity for custom colors is 400 to 600 meters. If you do not meet these amounts an additional service charge will be charged.
Your desired length
Of course we supply your desired length.
Upon request, we also offer additional finishing, from coating up to flame retardancy.y
Stock and delivery times
An extensive stock in raw materials and finished goods allows delivery times by an average of 3 weeks. Most material in standard colors are usually available from stock.